What a bunch of…oh go on, you guess the pun… | Western Morning News
“FIVE councillors in Cornwall have been criticised as ‘a bunch of teenagers’ after they shared ‘inappropriate’ electronic messages between them during an important council debate. During the meeting – on councillors’ allowances and housing – the five men used their mobile phones to send or receive messages to each other using the Internet networking website, Twitter”. Reports that some other councillors were caught talking in the back row and passing notes to each other remain unconfirmed…
(tags: localcouncils localgovernment twitter)
Jon Gaunt wins permission for high court challenge | Journalism.co.uk Editors’ Blog
This case seems to take ‘I hate what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it’ and twist it into ‘I think you are a rather boorish oaf, but I’ll defend your right to be a boorish oaf against the vague whims of inconsistent regulation or until everybody loses interest and goes home’
(tags: jongaunt journalismcouk ofcom)
Laos Against Citizenship « THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY
“We were building the Parthenon when they were still living in trees”. Dear Giorgos Karatzaferis, my scientific friends and I beg to differ…
(tags: greece racism immigration thisisnotmycountry)
Dante’s Internet | foomandoonian
Any diagram with a layer for “Hypocrites and people who threaten to leave but say” is fine by me 🙂
(tags: internet internetculture funny)
The UX Design Process for the Boxee Beta » Pleasure and Pain
Always lovely to see behind the scenes of someone else’s design process.


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